Welcome to Taiwan dUcK! 歡迎到台灣鴨!This web site has been founded to help the Taiwanese community in the UK. It will help anyone find out all the essentials of how to live, eat, shop and meet others here in Great Britain. Taiwan dUcK has four main sections; Advice, Cook, Chat & Shop.

Advice, Help and Tips  

The Advice section will contain frequent articles on living in the UK, from buying and finding the best vegetables to visiting the best restaurants, from driving on the UK roads to booking the cheapest flights, from putting yours kids in school to finding the best mobile cell phone deals! There are lots of topics to make things easier and save you money.


Visit the Taiwan dUcK Cook pages for fantastic traditional Taiwanese recipes using UK sourced ingredients. Some of these recipes you might even like better than back home!


The Taiwan dUcK Chat boards are a lively and fun resource to Chat with other people about life in the UK, Taiwanese food, shopping, day trips, holidays, transport, work and enything else – it’s up to you. If there is enough chatter we can make a special section on the boards.


The shop on the Taiwan dUcK website contains some great offers and products for anyone who visits our site. Many of the products will have a Taiwanese element, so if you are from Taiwan or Asia you shoulld find our shop particularly appealing.

That’s all there is about Taiwan dUcK for now, this front page will not change very often but the advice, cooking, chat and shopping pages will all be updated regularly, please check them frequently. If you have any suggestions about the site, get in touch here.

Have fun.