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Taiwanese Vegetarian Lemon Gelatin Dessert 檸檬愛玉

Here is a great cold and fresh Taiwanese Vegetarian Lemon Gelatin Dessert 檸檬愛玉(Aye-Ooe) for summer! It’s a popular Street Food in Taiwan, especially in the hotter months. If you don’t know this dish already and you like Lemon Jelly in the west you won’t find that this tastes very different – except its fresher, 100% natural and vegetarian. The ingredients are very simple but they might be a little bit hard to find if you don’t have a place to get the jelly seeds from. The main thing that makes the jelly is Awkeotsang seeds, the rest of the flavour of this street food comes from your fresh squeezed lemons and sugar to taste!

Lemon Jelly for two

Lemon Jelly for two

In Taiwan this Awkeotsang plant grows in the mountains between 1,000 and 1,800 metres above sea level only. It like moist broadleaf rainforest, especially in Chiayi County – which is called ‘Aye-Ooe Kingdom’.

The ingredients 食材 for a delicious dessert for 4 people;



  • jelly:
  • 2 lemons
  • Awkeotsang seeds
  • 1.5 litres water
  • Sugar water:
  • half rice bowl sugar
  • two rice bowls of water

Joanne has recorded a Vegetarian Lemon Gelatin Dessert 檸檬愛玉 Taiwan Street Food making video so you can see the method, follow and prepare the jelly correctly. Enjoy this natural sweet treat all summer!

Vegetarian Lemon Gelatin Dessert 檸檬愛玉 preparation video

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The jelly fruit and its seeds in hand

The jelly fruit and its dried seeds in hand


  1. Joanne I really like your video. After watching it make my day. 非常开心看你做的.

  2. I can’t find ayiu seeds anywhere! Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Judy, Family back in Taiwan mailed them to us. We aren’t sure where to buy them in other countries. You could search online for the country where you live?

      • Thank you for replying so quickly!! I am salivating from here! I think I will buy some canned ayiu jelly and cheat! I must thank you for all your recipes. I am Taiwanese and so far my family loves the shen bin, big chicken chop, and tonight I am making pai gu Taiwanese pork chop!! All your recipes are delicious and I love your videos!! Thank you for doing this and sharing your talent with the world, and with me!!!

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