Many people have requested a video recipe and ingredients for Taiwanese Hamburger, gwa bow, koah-pao 刈包 and here it is – just for you folks! This is a fantastic and nutritious Taiwan Street Food. Previously we have touched upon this recipe because we prepared the same pork slices to be used in another recipe; How to make Taiwanese sliced braised pork in soy sauce 爌肉飯 & 刈包. Also we have shown you how to make the Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 淹酸菜 which are an essential condiment for these Taiwanese Hamburgers. Anyway here is this recipe for your convenience.

Taiwanese hamburger ingredients

Taiwanese hamburger ingredients

The ingredients 食材 (for 6 people);

  • 500g sliced belly pork – slice it to fit your bread nicely
  • 6 steamed bread rolls, a little butter or margerine
  • 1 bowl of Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables
  • a thumb of ginger, finely sliced
  • a long chili – as spicy as you like
  • a spring onion
  • three cloves of garlic, 4 star anise, a spice bag, sugar, rice wine and soy sauce
  • some lettuce leaves, sliced spring onion and ground peanut powder for garnish
Taiwanese hamburger, ready to assemble

Taiwanese hamburger, ready to assemble

The method 作法;

  1. Slice your belly pork and pierce with wood cocktail sticks so it keeps its shape when cooking
  2. Cut an prepare the rest of your ingredients as in the picture
  3. Boil up a mixture of one bowl of soy sauce and 4 bowls of water
  4. Put all your spices in and simmer for 10 minutes
  5. Heat another pan with a little oil in, quickly fry the pieces of belly pork for a very short time, about 1 minutes each side
  6. Transfer the belly pork straight from the frying pan into the big pan full of water, soy sauce and spices
  7. Put in a spash of rice wine and 2 tsp of sugar
  8. Cover the pan, turn to low/medium and let this all cook for 40 minutes
  9. Now we prepare the sour greens – with a small amount of oil, about 1tbsp, add in some chopped chilli and ginger and 1 tsp of sugar and 1 pinch of vegetable starch – quickly stir fry this.
  10. When the meat is nearly ready, slice all your bread rolls (but not all the way through, video 6minutes 45s) and steam them for about 5 minutes.
  11. Now all you have to do is “assemble” your Taiwanese Hamburger, gwa bow, koah-pao 刈包. (video 7.30 minutes). We used 2 pieces of pork, a little butter, the green sour vegetables and a lettuce leaf and some peanut powder in each “burger”.
Taiwanese hamburger, ready to eat

Taiwanese hamburger, ready to eat

Joanne has recorded a how to make Taiwanese Hamburger, gwa bow, koah-pao 刈包 video so you can see and follow the exact chopping sizes, timings and method step-by-step. Treat your family and friends to one of the best Taiwanese street foods. This is also good for Chinese New Year!

How to make Taiwanese Hamburger, gwa bow, koah-pao 刈包 video

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