We have been looking at the reader’s favorite Taiwanese food here on Taiwan Duck. What are the most popular Taiwanese recipes and dishes? As you know we also have TaiwanDuckTV on YouTube, so we will be using viewing numbers on there mixed with viewings from TaiwanDuck.com This is the first time we have done a re-cap and we are surprised which Taiwan Foods are the favourite and which are, it seems uncared for. There are surprises in both camps; favorites and flops!

Turnip Cake 蘿蔔糕

Turnip Cake 蘿蔔糕,the most popular dish on Taiwan Duck and TaiwanDuckTV!

The top 3!

The most popular Taiwanese recipe we have so far is How to make Turnip Cake, a Chinese dim-sum favorite 蘿蔔糕, this is also the most popular recipe on the YouTube channel. And Joanne’s version is great, I’d say it’s the highest quality “Robo Gow” I’ve had, because we use the nicest, freshest ingredients to make our own! Actually we just made another batch of this Robo Gow Turnip cake, the kids are coming home for Joanne’s birthday and it’s a great starter for a dinner, fried with an oyster sauce dip.

Second in popularity is the How to make Crispy Beef with Honey Mustard Sauce 蜂蜜芥末脆牛肉, this is mainly popular on Taiwanduck.com, not so much on YouTube! This is a great meal, which is something I would say is a TaiwanDuck original because I’ve never had it before. I think Joanne cooked this because me and the kids liked Crispy Beef in OK sauce at a good Cantonese restaurant in Manchester. She doesn’t like things so sweet but responded with this recipe, it’s great!

Salt and Pepper Squid

Salt and Pepper Squid

The third prize in our TaiwanDuck Taiwanese Food championship goes to How to make Salt and Pepper Squid 椒鹽魷魚, Taiwanese Style! This is popular on both sites and rightly so, another great starter, or if you make enough and accompany it with some fresh greens you can make it the main. It depends on the seasonal price of squid?!

We have just bought a large box of frozen California squid so we will be starting with this appetizer quite often in the coming weeks 🙂 This is our favourite way to make squid. If you know of any more delicious squid recipe let us know in the comments or by using the contact form. (upper right of your screen, we just installed this…) Of course there is a Taiwanese Street Food – of Barbecue BBQ Squid which is pretty great, it’s not BBQ season for a while though.

No one was interested! But these are delicious!

We were also very interested in what people weren’t looking at or watching. There are so many fantastic meals that people come to the site aren’t looking at we feel we must list a few of these undiscovered delicious tastes here! Some of these might not be viewed very much because they aren’t well known meals, people mostly search for popular stuff – by definition. But some of these are our favourite authentic Taiwanese Foods and original TaiwanDuck recipes.

Mango King Prawn

Mango King Prawn, it's delicious!

The first meal that is in this unlucky category is; How to make Taiwanese Style Mango King Prawn 芒果蝦球. This recipe might be a TaiwanDuck original, as it’s not really on any other recipe site but it’s really mouthwateringly delicious! A great blend of tastes that go so well together. Please try this (if you like prawns and like mangoes!).

Also cruelly overlooked is the Making Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce 台灣梅子醬雞片 recipe. If you like sweet & sour or anything like that kind of taste you really should try this chicken in plum sauce. The Taiwanese plum sauce isn’t dark and very sweet like the Chinese one, they use a Japanese style plum, which is a bit sour and a light er colour. Perhaps it might be a recipe that isn’t popular because the plums are hard to find? We picked some unripe plums early last summer, which are more or less the correct taste/sourness. We can’t buy these kids of plums or plum sauce so it’s lucky to find so many wild plum trees in the parks in England. If you have a plum tree, you can pick some when they are still green to use in this dish, it’s really worth it!

One starter dish we have again and again in Taiwan is one of my favourites; How to make Lemon Pepper Salted Pork Taiwanese Style 檸檬胡椒咸豬肉 I’m not sure if you would say this is a Taiwanese Street Food, it’s very popular in the day/evening markets. If we needed something quick for dinner we would often buy this Salty Pork, a piece of cooked fish and bring it home to eat with rice and some quickly stir fried vegetables. Always had a happy tummy after that!

shen bin served with hot and sour soup

shen bin served with hot and sour soup

Another Taiwan Street Food that was mostly overlooked by readers was How to make Taiwanese Beef Mince Pies (Shen Bin) 牛肉餡餅. I think this wasn’t so popular because it seems difficult to do but it’s not really, just needs the bread dough preparing, a little bit in advance. Of course the quality of these home made beef pies is far ahead of ones you might buy in the street. Joanne used fresh minced steak and vegetables from her garden, common in many of her recipes.

If you’ve never had this Taiwanese Dish…

3 Cup Chicken, beautiful aroma

3 Cup Chicken, beautiful aroma

Finally a recipe that wasn’t that popular, but also wasn’t unpopular. I have to mention it because it is a classic Taiwanese dish that, if you’ve never eaten Taiwanese Food before, you have to try – call it a signature Taiwanese flavour. It’s How to make Taiwanese style 3 Cup Chicken 台灣風味三杯雞 We have seen several other people make this recipe on YouTube and they make it wrong! That’s a tragedy! Please try Joanne’s – the TaiwanDuck version for true authentic Taiwan flavour!

I hope you enjoyed the summary of our last years hits and misses and you all enjoy these recipes. Please join us on Facebook and YouTube for news of more new Taiwanese Foods and recipes.