Taiwan Pig Knuckle 台灣滷豬腳 is one of Taiwan’s favourite recipes and it’s a dish that’s not very easy to find outside of Taiwan. Luckily it is very easy to get good ingredients for this recipe in the UK. If you go to the town or village butcher and ask for a “pork shank” they should be able to get you a full pigs front leg with the trotter and lots of leg meat too. Ask them to chop it into about 2 inch chunks and that shold be just about right for this Taiwan Pig Knuckle 台灣滷豬腳 recipe.

Taiwan Pig Knuckle ingredients

Taiwan Pig Knuckle ingredients

The ingredients 食材 (for 6 people);

  • 1 whole pig leg – trotter and shank
  • 1 boiled egg per person
  • 1 bowl of uncooked peanuts
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 spring onions
  • 1 leek (or garlic greens)
  • 1 sugar rock
  • 1 bowl of soy sauce (mixed light and dark)
  • half bowl of rice wine
  • papaya skin – if you can! (means you can cook the meal in 1 hr instead of 1hr 30 mins)
  • spices: 5 star anise, coriander, 4 pieces of garlic, 1 chili, half tsp 5 spice powder, cinnamon, 2 bayleaves
Taiwan Pig Knuckle - ready to eat!

Taiwan Pig Knuckle – ready to eat!

The method 作法;

  1. Prepare and chop your ingredients as shown in the picture
  2. Put the cleaned and chopped up pork shank into a pan and scald it with boiling water
  3. Put everything except for the eggs, chopped carrots (optional) and coriander into the pan
  4. Turn the cooker onto full, cover the pan and boil up/steam the ingredients – it takes about 5 minutes
  5. Boil a kettle full of water. Go to your pan and top it up with boiling water, leave it all to simmer for 30 minutes
  6. 30 minutes later open up your pan lid and use a spoon to discard any bubbles/scum on the top of your stew/soup. Discard some of the flavouring vegetabkles like the leeks now
  7. Now add in your boiled eggs, coriander and optional root vegetables (we used some chopped carrots)
  8. 30 minutes later everything should be ready – the papaya skin has worked as an enzyme to make the pork soft much quicker. Throw away the papaya skin now – if you didn’t have papaya skin you have to cook your pork shank for 30 minutes more in stage #5
  9. Put the meal into a serving bowl, sprinkle over some chopped spring onion and coriander to taste. Serve with rice.

Joanne has recorded a how to make Taiwan Pig Knuckle 台灣滷豬腳 video so you can see and follow the exact chopping sizes, timings and method step-by-step. Treat your family and friends to one of our favourite Taiwanese dishes. This is also good for Chinese New Year!

How to make Taiwan Pig Knuckle 台灣滷豬腳 video


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