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Taiwan New Year Markets 2016 年貨大街 – in Taichung

Joanne and Mark went to a traditional Taiwanese New Year Market.Of course now is the time of the year when many people are reading for the Chinese New Year, and so are we by walking around the markets and having delicious snacks!


The market in the video is the biggest in Taichung but there are many others around the island. To walk the whole market past every stall took us over an hour! There’s lots of delicious food, as you can see, and… other stuff. Year of the Monkey is coming, Happy New Year to all Taiwan Duck readers and watchers!

Year of the monkey

Taiwan New Year Markets 2016 年貨大街

While we are on the subject of markets, we found a really delicious new Squid recipe being sold in a Night Market last month. Have a look at the video below to see it being prepared at the Night Market stall!

Crispy squid with vegetable stuffing 爆漿魷魚, night market video

Stay tuned for more Taiwanese gardening, shopping, advice and cooking! Please join us on Facebook and you will hear about our new recipes and videos first!

Year of the Monkey is here, Happy New Year to all Taiwan Duck readers and watchers!


  1. Hey Joanne,

    I was offline long time, but now my computer and internet exit are fixed again (hopefully).

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your folks. Nice to see you on Taichung Street Market enjoying the street foot at the monkey’s new year.

    Long time ago (Dec. 2010) I played a concert in Taichung at the Shin Min Arts Center as one of the soloists with the Eurasia Chamber Orchestra. Was a nice tour. We also played in Ylan (with good sea food along), Puli and Taipei (National Concert Hall). But I have fond memories on Taichung staying at a very noble holiday apt house with a roof-top garden etc. …

    The fried vegi stuffed squid looks pretty delicious. Maybe there is a chance I can try to prepare this food.

    All the best and keep sharing your recipes,

    Steffen (from Germany)

    • Happy new year to you too. Its very interesting to know you are a musician , just like my children. My daughter plays flute and my son writes music.Yes, that squid was the first time we tried that street food and it was very good it’s packed with nutricious vegetables too – please try it the next time you are back in Taiwan!!

  2. Hi Joanne,

    I indeed tried to prepare the vegetable stuffed squid, yesterday. I used cucumber, spring onion, carrot and fine chopped ginger for the stuffing. Turned out quite well, I think, at least for my first attempt. Only the coating didn’t last to well all around the fried squid as it came off here and there when trying to cut the whole fried food into slices (maybe it was too thin, although I did it as in the video). Maybe next time I should try the classical way of coating with flour, beaten egg and maybe panko crumbs (or finer ones)??? How long would you recommend the coated squid going into the frying oil ??? Along I used salt & pepper dip and as another dip a mix of soy sauce with oyster sauce and powder sugar and fresh chopped chive.

    Keep us posted for your next recipes and all the best,

    Steffen (from Germany)

    • Yes, I think you are right about the coating. At home with less hot oil and so on we need to use a bit of egg to help it stick. Fry it until golden brown coating as usual. All the inndside vegetables we just very lightly cooked but worked well in the street food. I will let you know that at the street food place they used cucumber and yam for the stuffing. FOrme no dip was required, there were lots on offer, I just like the salt n pepper powder!!

      • Hi Joanne,

        great to get your responses – thanks a lot!! Yes, I fried them until about golden brown (I was also curious about whether the squid would get too dry and hard, if I were going longer with the frying process). The stuffed vegetables as I descibed I did not slightly pre-cook, but cut them rather thin, anyway. Still though, when the squid coming out of the frying oil, they were well heated , but still kind of crispy – very nice. I think salt n pepper powder is my favourit, too. Additional dip just provides a bit more variety … We’ll see at my next attempt. Still having three or four squids in the ice waiting 😉

        Again, all the very best and keep sharing your recipes,

        Steffen (from Germany)

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