Joanne and Mark went to a traditional Taiwanese New Year Market.Of course now is the time of the year when many people are reading for the Chinese New Year, and so are we by walking around the markets and having delicious snacks!


The market in the video is the biggest in Taichung but there are many others around the island. To walk the whole market past every stall took us over an hour! There’s lots of delicious food, as you can see, and… other stuff. Year of the Monkey is coming, Happy New Year to all Taiwan Duck readers and watchers!

Year of the monkey

Taiwan New Year Markets 2016 年貨大街

While we are on the subject of markets, we found a really delicious new Squid recipe being sold in a Night Market last month. Have a look at the video below to see it being prepared at the Night Market stall!

Crispy squid with vegetable stuffing 爆漿魷魚, night market video

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Year of the Monkey is here, Happy New Year to all Taiwan Duck readers and watchers!