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Hot Toffee Sweet Potato 拔絲地瓜 – Taiwanese dessert

Here is a nice sweet/dessert that is very popular in Taiwan. Sometimes you will receive this for free at the end of a meal if you are lucky and in the right restaurant. We have called it “Hot Toffee Sweet Potato” in English or 拔絲地瓜 in Chinese- Taiwanese dessert. If you like the idea of hot sweet potato in a ...

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炸牛奶 Fried milk, a delicious dessert

Today we have a new dessert recipe for you! A reader wrote to Joanne asking about Fried Milk which was new to Joanne but a bit like a lighter fluffier version of Nien Gow. We actually like this better than Nien Gow now as it’s lighter and fluffy inside while being crispy on the outside. The Fried Milk also takes ...

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Sweet and sour pickled chili 糖醋醃辣椒

We had run out of one of our favourite pickle accompaniments; Sweet and sour pickled chili 糖醋醃辣椒. So Joanne decided to make up a new bottle or two of these delicious sweet and sour and spicy pickles. She chose a combination of both green and red chillies offering slightly different tastes and heat intensities to whoever visits “Duck House” here ...

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