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Baked scallops with cheese 起士焗烤干貝

Baked scallops with cheese and potato 起士焗烤干貝 is a great starter for any meal. Scallops are a really beautiful tasting shellfish and look great on the plate. A single scallop can be a good starter, so it’s a good idea to make one for every guest you expect plus one extra spare – for the chef to test! The scallops ...

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Beef and spinach lasagne 波菜牛肉千層麵

Beef and spinach lasagne

We don’t just live upon 100% Taiwanese food here at Taiwan Duck house! Joanne likes to make foods that originated in lots of countries and with a lot of world food influences. So today for a change and since it’s New Year we thought it would be nice to share a favourite cold weather recipe that is a firm family ...

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Grilled Salmon in cream and cheese 台式焗烤鮭魚

Salmon is a wonderful tasty fish, not like any other and we hadn’t had it for a while. Today we saw a beautiful piece of Scottish salmon in the supermarket and decided to buy it. Joanne decided to make Grilled Salmon in cream and cheese 台式焗烤鮭魚 with Taiwanese spices. If you get a whole salmon insted of a fillet the ...

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Taiwanese Spicy Beef Jerky 自製台式辣味牛肉乾

This is one of Joanne’s favourite snacks. It’s very hard to buy the Taiwanese one here in the UK, so as usual we decided to make our own Taiwanese Spicy Beef Jerky 自製台式辣味牛肉乾. The cooking method or technique isn’t very complicated but there are several stages to change your large joint of beef into spicy, stringy, chewy jerky. If you have ...

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