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Salmon with crispy soybean 豆酥鮭魚

salmon with crispy soyabean

In the UK its so easy to get a beautiful piece of salmon, it’s farmed in Scotland so there’s lots around at a pretty good price. My friend Kitty brought around a whole salmon recently and I wondered what to do with it. I like making white fish with crispy soyabean so I thought I would try it with the ...

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Duck with glass noodles 鴨肉冬粉 soup


Perhaps there should be more duck dishes on Taiwan Duck? Well here is a very good Taiwanese Street Food favourite for you – Duck with glass noodles 鴨肉冬粉 soup! The ‘glass’ noodles are green bean noodles which are clear, colourless and transparent – that’s what they get the name ‘glass noodles’. After you’ve eaten the delicious duck legs the soup ...

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Pig intestines with sour pickle 酸菜炒大腸

Pig intestines with sour pickle 酸菜炒大腸 is a very popular traditional Taiwanese dish. This meal is somewhat spicy and sharp tasting thanks to the chili and pickled sour green vegetables and other spices. However its complemented by the softness of the boiled intestines themselves. This meal has a very special flavour that many Taiwanese away from the home country can’t ...

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Sticky rice balls 搓湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice

Here’s a special dessert Joanne has made for Winter Solstice Festival – or any time! Sticky rice balls 搓湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice. We have made Tang Yuen for Lantern Day 元宵節,湯圓 before, which were filled with delicious things like coconut and peanut powder but these are ‘plain’ ones. However these are very ‘juicy’ or moist as we don’t use water ...

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