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Dry fried French beans 乾煸四季豆, a vegetarian dish

We love French beans and Joanne recorded this video when we had just harvested a bumper crop from the garden – they grow well in the UK but the season seems quite short outside. Joanne decided to make this great tasty, crunchy vegetable dish, which is good for vegetarians. Also those who need their meat can make it with a ...

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Tomato flavoured scrambled egg 蕃茄炒蛋 stir fry

Here’s a great tasty tomato and egg based dish. In this version in the video I also added mushrooms as we had some in the house and Mark likes them a lot. As you might guess, the dish is flexible and you can probably add in a good range of other ingredients as long as their flavours complement the tomato ...

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Taiwanese Gnocchi 麵疙瘩 ugly noodles (mien ge-da)

Here’s a popular home-cooked traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Because of Taiwan’s history and the traditional farmers being short of rice to eat as the ruling white terror KMT commandeered it all they were lucky to enjoy quite a lot of free bags of wheat (bread) flour as some kind of relief. Not really being a bread eating nation the locals sought ...

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Make your own dumpling pastry 水餃皮 for Chinese dumplings

Why buy frozen dumpling pastry when it’s easy and cheap – and better – to make your own? Joanne found this pastry to be very easy to use to make Pork Dumplings (jen jeow – sway jeow), Taiwanese street food 台灣口味豬肉水餃. As it was fresh it was soft and easy to shape and didn’t need any additional application of water ...

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