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Grilled Salmon in cream and cheese 台式焗烤鮭魚

Salmon is a wonderful tasty fish, not like any other and we hadn’t had it for a while. Today we saw a beautiful piece of Scottish salmon in the supermarket and decided to buy it. Joanne decided to make Grilled Salmon in cream and cheese 台式焗烤鮭魚 with Taiwanese spices. If you get a whole salmon insted of a fillet the ...

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Taiwanese Food Fete台灣小吃節, London 2012

Get some Taiwanese Street Food in London on Sunday 21st October!!! If you like Taiwan Duck’s recipes you should like this. The Taiwan Food Fete 2012 is open for one day only in the London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London, NW1 9XB, England. It costs about 4 pounds to go in the festival hall. There will be about 25 ...

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Making kimchi 泡菜 TaiwanDuck style


Korea is famous for its Kimchi. Taiwanese people like it too, we are quite close neighbours… Kimchi is known as a “superfood”. It is a pickled food with a very distinctive spicy and sour taste. You can use it as a side dish with many meals or as an ingredient to add a little “pep” to soups, stews and stir ...

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Taiwanese fish taste egg plant 魚香茄子 stir fry

Today we have a great traditional Taiwanese way to make the most of the vegetable known as egg plant or aubergine. These lovely purple vegetables are in season now and you can buy a handsome example at a great price. What to do with one? Well here we have Taiwanese fish taste egg plant 魚香茄子 stir fry which you can ...

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