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Pai Gu Fan Taiwan pork chop 排骨飯

Pai gu fan 排骨飯 simply translates to pork chop rice, but it is much more than that! This is a very special convenience food made popular by the Taiwanese railway company 鐵路便當. Many people enjoyed this meal on their travels. Now many more people just enjoy this “bian dang” anytime and anywhere! It’s a classic Taiwanese street food that started ...

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How to make Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 醃酸菜

If you like Taiwanese food these Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 淹酸菜 are very important because they are used as an essential accompaniment to many favourite dishes in Taiwan. You will find these sour greens served with Taiwanese beef noodles, gwa bow braised pork “hamburgers”, bien dang, beef and rice and fried pork with rice. The ingredients are incredibly simple but ...

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How to make Sesame Kidney 麻油腰花

sesame kidney

Here’s a great Taiwanese food for the winter months; Sesame Kidney 麻油腰花. This is quite a simple dish and it doesn’t take long to make. The most time consuming element of this recipe is the preparation of the kidneys; removing the veins etc and then cutting it with a chequer just like how squid is often prepared. If you don’t ...

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