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How to make Taiwanese Chili Seeds Sauce 台式辣椒子醬

Today on Taiwan Duck we have made a sauce that goes very well with many of our other recipes and many other Taiwanese street foods. Everyone likes a little spice and this Taiwanese Chili Seeds Sauce 台式辣椒子醬 can deliver a little or a lot, depending on how much you use! The special thing about this Taiwanese Chili Seeds Sauce 台式辣椒子醬 ...

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Taiwanese Spicy Beef Jerky 自製台式辣味牛肉乾

This is one of Joanne’s favourite snacks. It’s very hard to buy the Taiwanese one here in the UK, so as usual we decided to make our own Taiwanese Spicy Beef Jerky 自製台式辣味牛肉乾. The cooking method or technique isn’t very complicated but there are several stages to change your large joint of beef into spicy, stringy, chewy jerky. If you have ...

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Chicken and Cashew Nuts 腰果雞丁

With juicy chicken and crispy honey roasted cashew nuts, a delicious sauce, on a bed of rice, this is a wonderful meal any time! Also it’s quite quick and easy, not too much preparation or cooking time required. This dish is very popular in the UK and rightly so, you can get a pretty good version in most Chinese restaurants ...

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How to make Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸

In this recipe we have made a traditional favourite Taiwanese Food – Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸. It’s quite satisfying and fun to make your own sausages and they look great when you’ve finished all the preparation! These Shang Tang 香腸 sausages are air dried and have a rich flavour of pork, garlic and rice wine. The air drying also adds a ...

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