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100 year old egg rice porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥

century egg rice porridge

Here’s an intriguing sounding dish, 100 year old egg rice porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥. However if you haven’t eaten or heard of these 100 year old or ‘century eggs’ before, don’t worry! That’s just a name for a preserved egg. The ones Joanne used were from Taiwan and preserved by salt, lime and tea, you can read more about that process here ...

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Sticky rice balls 搓湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice

Here’s a special dessert Joanne has made for Winter Solstice Festival – or any time! Sticky rice balls 搓湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice. We have made Tang Yuen for Lantern Day 元宵節,湯圓 before, which were filled with delicious things like coconut and peanut powder but these are ‘plain’ ones. However these are very ‘juicy’ or moist as we don’t use water ...

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Ants climbing the tree 螞蟻上樹


Ants climbing the tree 螞蟻上樹, what a great name for a dish! This is a famous Taiwanese street food and it’s a pretty healthy one. Ants climbing the tree 螞蟻上樹 is based upon green bean noodles and a handful of pork mince with a nice spicy edge to it and lots of good oniony flavour. Even though noodles are in ...

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How to make Salty Eggs 淹鹹蛋

salty egg

This is a favourite accompaniment to several foods in Taiwan and China. However people usually use salted duck eggs. Here Joanne uses chicken eggs as we won chickens and have lots of eggs for “free”!!! Joanne likes to eat a small amount of this 淹鹹蛋 Salty Egg with rice porridge or also to mix with some kinds of vegetables like ...

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