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Chinese chives and beef pastie 韭菜盒子 cooking

Today Joanne made Chinese chives and beef pastie 韭菜盒子. In fact she made 10 of them using the ingredients below. This is a good time of year for this dish as if you have any Chinese chives left in your garden you can’t leave them unpicked for too much longer as it gets colder. If it is difficult for you ...

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Taiwanese Food Fete台灣小吃節, London 2012

Get some Taiwanese Street Food in London on Sunday 21st October!!! If you like Taiwan Duck’s recipes you should like this. The Taiwan Food Fete 2012 is open for one day only in the London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London, NW1 9XB, England. It costs about 4 pounds to go in the festival hall. There will be about 25 ...

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Taiwanese Spicy Beef Jerky 自製台式辣味牛肉乾

This is one of Joanne’s favourite snacks. It’s very hard to buy the Taiwanese one here in the UK, so as usual we decided to make our own Taiwanese Spicy Beef Jerky 自製台式辣味牛肉乾. The cooking method or technique isn’t very complicated but there are several stages to change your large joint of beef into spicy, stringy, chewy jerky. If you have ...

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