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Making savoury steamed rice cakes 台灣碗糕 – Taiwan Street Food

This is a famous Taiwanese Street Food which roughly translates to ‘savoury steamed rice cakes’ 台灣碗糕. It’s base is made of rice flour and corn flour mixed together which is heated gently until it becomes a paste. This base is layered in a Chinese bowl with a selection of Taiwanese favourites such as minced pork and Chinese mushrooms, and dried ...

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How to make Bacon & Egg Fried Rice 培根蛋炒飯

A quick tasty favourite Taiwanese food, and Chinese too, Bacon & Egg Fried Rice 培根蛋炒飯 is prepared by Joanne in this cooking video. This is quite a light fried rice with only a small amount of oil used. The bacon and spring onions with the egg and rice flavours make this a real quick treat. Also we like to serve ...

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Stuffed Pork Roll Taiwanese style 黑胡椒豬肉卷 cooking video

Here we have another delicious way to enjoy pork. Stuffed Pork Roll Taiwanese style 黑胡椒豬肉卷. This dish looks great when on the plate and has a wonderful aroma too. It’s a good main dish served with rice and vegetables of your choice, we had some greens from the garden and garnished with a little thyme from the front garden. We hadn’t ...

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How to make Bacon Fried Rice Stuffed Omelette 培根蛋包飯

This Fried Rice Stuffed Omelette 培根蛋包飯 is a good breakfast, brunch or lunch meal. It’s very versatile as the fried rice can be of any variety you choose. In our recipe we have bacon, hot dogs, carrot, sweet corn and onion in the fried rice recipe. If you don’t have those ingredients around your house, don’t worry, you can make ...

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