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Sweet and sour pickled chili 糖醋醃辣椒

We had run out of one of our favourite pickle accompaniments; Sweet and sour pickled chili 糖醋醃辣椒. So Joanne decided to make up a new bottle or two of these delicious sweet and sour and spicy pickles. She chose a combination of both green and red chillies offering slightly different tastes and heat intensities to whoever visits “Duck House” here in the UK, for a meal. We still had quite a lot of scotch bonnet chillies left from the last pickling session, they are a bit too hot for us and most guests.

Sweet and sour chili pickles

Sweet and sour chili pickles

The ingredients 食材 (for 4 people);

Making sweet and sour chili pickles

Making sweet and sour chili pickles

  • 400g red chilis
  • 400g green chilis
  • 600g carrots
  • 1 Chinese bowl of sugar
  • half bowl of olive oil
  • full bowl of Taiwan rice wine
  • bowl of garlic and ginger slices
  • bowl of apple vinegar
  • quarter bowl of sea salt
  • +any old pickled onion vinegar!

The method 作法;

  1. Collect your ingredients
  2. Chop the baby carrots in half and slice your ginger and garlic
  3. To make sure your pickle ingredients are clean pour boiling water over your chillis and sliced carrots – a quick rinse
  4. Add the salt, garlic and ginger slices to the mixing bowl and squash it all together with your hands
  5. Afer a couple of minutes squashing take a knife and cut into each chili down its length, from middle to end – so it is open to the pickling sauce later
  6. Now add one bowl of sugar to the mixing bowl, this balanced the salty and sweet and spicy flavours
  7. Now add your rice wine and vinegar and olive oil
  8. Taiwan Duck special ingredient – we add about a bowl of pickle vinegar from our old shop bought pickled onions
  9. Squash everything together some more
  10. Now it’s ready to put aside for 2, 3 or 4 days depending on how hot it is where you live, cover it with a lid
  11. We waited 4 days because it’s especially cold here right now
  12. Now they have all been put in a couple of jars and put in the fridge, whenever we want them we just take them out, lovely, sweet and spicy!
Sweet and sour chili pickles

Sweet and sour chili pickles

Joanne has recorded a how to make sweet and sour pickled chili 糖醋醃辣椒 video so you can see and follow the exact method, timings and chopping sizes she uses. We hope you really enjoy this sweet and spicy pickled accompaniment!

How to make sweet and sour pickled chili 糖醋醃辣椒 video

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  1. 辣椒具有濕中散寒,開胃除濕之功效,適當地吃點辣椒有益於人體健康,辣椒可作為健胃劑,因為辣椒素能刺激口腔中的唾液腺,增加唾液分泌,加快胃腸蠕動,有利於食物的消化和吸收;辣椒含有大量維生素A、C .所以它是健康的食材,醃辣椒幾乎是我全家都愛,今要教大家這道超級私房菜以祝福各位~~~聖誕快樂!!!

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