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Summer Raspberries are here, making jam and smoothies 覆盆子果醬和冰沙

raspberry picking

raspberry picking

It seems like raspberries 覆盆子 are getting ripe enough to pick now. We went out to the countryside a couple of days ago and picked quite a lot of beautifully dark red raspberries. Filling a couple of good sized sandwich boxes with the fruits. We have now decided the raspberry is superior to the strawberry – that’s official! There will still be raspberries on the bushes for a few more weeks, I think we got some of the early varieties in the sunny positions, there were lots of not-ready-to-pick ones there too. Also there are different kinds of raspberry like early and late season varieties.

What can you do with these delicious fruits other than just eat them like you might do grapes or blueberries? Well, just like these other fruits there are lots of ways of cooking those fruits that are so many you can’t just eat them all as a fruit. Ideas include muffins, cakes, cheesecake, trifle and ice cream.

We decided to make jam 覆盆子果醬, because Mr Duck often likes toast first thing in the morning! But after a hot day out in the sun picking the raspberries we also thought about a long cold drink. So raspberry smoothies 冰沙 were made. To make the jam we just boiled an equal amount of raspberries and sugar in a pan for about an hour!

raspberry products

raspberry products


  • some raspberries 覆盆子
  • milk
  • ice cubes
  • sugar, to taste


  1. add all into a blender
  2. press start!

覆盆子 raspberries!

Is that the easiest recipe so far on Taiwan Duck? Yes, we didn’t bother with a video, it wasn’t really necessary… But we got some great pictures. The jam was great on scones too, as you can see.

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