Today Joanne has made a special Taiwanese pumpkin stir fry dish. Pumpkin is a very large and handsome vegetable but it isn’t that common an ingredient in popular foods. It’s most common to throw a couple of pieces of the chopped up vegetable into soups or stews but that doesn’t maker the most of it. So Joanne decided to share this lovely Stir fried pumpkin with rice noodles 金瓜炒米粉 recipe with you all.


The pumpkin in this meal blends its flavours with the pork and rice noodles and also brings along a wonderfully creamy texture to the meal – something that complements the ‘bite’ of the pork and springy rice noodles. If you are a pumpkin or rise noodle fan please try it!

The ingredients;ingredients_DSC_0747

  • rice noodles
  • grated pumpkin
  • grated carrot
  • marinated sliced pork
  • dried shrimps – soaked overnight
  • dried onion
  • garlic greens
  • chilli
  • sesame oil
  • Worcester sauce

Joanne has recorded a video showing you how to make this Taiwanese rice noodle based dish. Please watch the video below and make your own. Something to make delicious use of your garden pumpkins!

How to make stir fried pumpkin with rice noodles 金瓜炒米粉

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