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Spring is here – grow your own vegetables! 春天來了

春天來了-種植自己的蔬菜!Previously we talked about Taiwanese greens and vegetables and where is best to buy them. Vegetables are very important to Taiwanese cooking and also great for your health. Today I am going to talk about another way to get some hard-to-find vegetables for your cooking. “Grow your own.”

Spring fruit and vegetables in the garden

Some of the spring fruit and vegetables in the garden now

Spring seems to have arrived here in the UK. So now it’s safe to start planting out in your garden. We planted some seeds in pots in the house last week. They have grown quite well and we put them outside, now that it doesn’t freeze at night anymore.

Most of the favourite greens in Taiwan will grow well here in England after spring has arrived. Also you will be able to pick them again and again, so you will have lots and lots of almost FREE vegetables. In our garden we grow these kinds of asian vegetables right now;

  • A-tsai = A-菜
  • Ching-tsai = 芹菜
  • Pak Choi = 青江菜
  • Jay-lan-tsai = 芥蘭菜
  • Jay-tsai = 芥菜
  • Yo-tsai = 油菜
  • Shau bai-tsai = 小白菜
  • Dang er = 茼蒿
  • Shang tsai = 香菜
  • Jo-tsai = 韭菜

Also we plant the following vegetables, just because they grow so well, are great to cook with and taste good!

  • Peas = 甜豆
  • lettuce = 萵苣
  • chilli = 番椒
  • spring onion = 蔥
  • pumpkin = 南瓜
  • garlic = 蒜

Don’t forget, if you have room in the garden, fruit bushes and fruit trees are easy to buy now and will give you lots of juicy fruit later in the year. Many of the fruit trees below can be bought in UK shops and supermarkets. Morrissons sells fruit trees as does Wilkinson, B&Q and Homebase. The first two of that list are the cheapest for trees.

  • Strawberries = 草莓
  • Apples = 蘋果
  • Plums = 李子
  • Pears = 梨子
  • Cherries = 櫻桃
  • Taiwanese Pears = 台灣蜜梨
  • Apricots = 杏子

If you buy a fruit tree right now and plant it, you probably won’t get fruit growing on it this year. The tree will probably need time to settle in to it’s new home.

Last summer's fruit and vegetables

Some of last summer's fruit and vegetables

Here is a photo of some of our fruit and vegetables from July 2010. There was lots more of course! We will provide updates this year. Last year our Chinese Pears didn’t make any fruit but they are looking good for this year 😀 Also a Japanese Sour Plum might make fruit this year, last year was the first for this tree in our garden.

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