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Sesame and peanut paste noodles 麻醬麵

Here is a currently very popular Taiwanese noodle recipe. Its called Sesame and peanut paste noodles 麻醬麵. These noodles can provide a very tasty vegetarian option as a side dish or you can make it into a main with the addition of some cooked gammon slices like I did. The sesame-peanut sauce which you make for the noodles is also a good one for accompaniment with both fried pork and chicken. There’s lots of ingredients but don’t worry it will probably work out well enough if you have the core items of sesame paste, peanut butter, olive oil and soy sauce.

Sesame Peanut noodles ready to eat!

Sesame Peanut noodles ready to eat!

The ingredients 食材 for 2 people;

  • 2tbsp sesame paste


  • 1tbsp peanut butter,
  • 2tbsp soy sauce
  • 2tbsp Worcester sauce
  • 1tbsp vinegar,
  • 1tsp of sesame and chilli oils
  • 1tsp sugar,
  • 2tbsp garlic/olive oil
  • 2 bunches noodles
  • some ham
  • some cucumber
  • some chives

Joanne has recorded a Sesame and peanut paste noodles 麻醬麵 cooking video so you can see the method and follow prepare ingredients and cook your noodles step-by-step. Please also experiment with your own balance of sesame and peanut tastes!

Sesame and peanut paste noodles 麻醬麵 cooking video

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  1. so tasty, thanks for posting this!!

  2. Going to try this now… Very good video and it’s easy to watch. Thanks!

  3. I made this tonight and it was delicious, it will become a regular at my place, i added shredded omelette to make it a more substantial main dish. Thank you!

  4. HI,

    What brand sesame paste do you use? tHere are so many and I don’t know which one is good!

    Thank you! I love your recipes!

  5. If get chance
    We would like to see how you grow organic vegetables from back yard too
    Your cooking ideas is the best thanks a lot

    Your fans from USA

  6. Love it, thank you! Will try this receipt soon.
    I made the gua bao last week & it was a success. Thank you!!

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