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Savoury steamed egg 茶碗蒸 chawanmushi

Today Joanne made savoury steamed egg 茶碗蒸 chawanmushi which is very popular in Taiwan and Japan. Most of the ingredients come from our garden, except for the seafood! This home made savoury steamed egg 茶碗蒸 chawanmushi is all natural, with not even one drop of oil used to make it. It’s a very good, nutritious, healthy starter or snack. If you have children Joanne thinks this is great for them. The wood fish flakes and seaweed add a distinctive Japanese taste – remember Japan used to control Taiwan for 50 years until after WWII. Many Taiwanese foods therefore have an influence from Japanese cuisine.

Savoury steamed egg cooking

Savoury steamed egg cooking

The ingredients (for 3 people) 食材;

  • 1 Chinese bowl of eggs, 1 Chinese bowl of milk, ginger
    Savoury steamed egg ingredients

    Savoury steamed egg ingredients

  • 6 prawns, 3 clams, rice wine
  • 3 slices of carrot, 3 stems of asparagus, some sliced shitake mushrooms
  • a little coriander and spring onion, chopped for garnish
  • 1 tbsp wood fish flakes, dried seaweed, water

The method 作法;

  1. Marinate your prawns in salt and rice wine
  2. Cook the seaweed and wood fish flakes in water for about 5 minutes – we need about half a bowl of this ‘stock’ for later
  3. Get a big bowl and pour the milk and the above liquid in and one bowl full of mixed up eggs (about 3 big eggs) – mix all this together – but don’t make bubbles – we don’t want that kind of texture. add a pinch of salt and grated ginger
  4. prepare 3 rice bowls in a steamer pan, half fill each of the bowls with the egg mix, cover and leave it 3 or 4 minutes until its set but soft
  5. open the pan lid and stir this eggs with your chopsticks, cover the pan for another 20 seconds of steaming
  6. open the pan lid and place the seafood and vegetables on the semi-cooked egg
  7. use the remaining egg mixture to fill up all three bowls, covering the seafood and vegetables
  8. cover the pan again, leave a gap for steam to escape, cook like this for 8 minutes
  9. now your chawanmushi should be hot and ready to eat
  10. serve with a garnish of chopped spring onion and coriander
Savoury steamed egg, ready to eat

Savoury steamed egg, ready to eat

Joanne has recorded a how to make savoury steamed egg 茶碗蒸 chawanmushi cooking video, please see below. You can see the whole recipe made step by step.

Savoury steamed egg 茶碗蒸 chawanmushi, cooking video

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  1. 哇~看起來好好吃喔!謝謝 🙂 I will try this soon!

  2. This looks great! I’ve looked through your recipes (I might have missed it), and I would really really love to be able to cook Taiwan’s sizzling steak dish, like 精選牛排. It comes with a choice of noodles, not completely cooked egg, and pepper sauce on a still hot platter. It’s a common steak seen in Taiwan but not abroad. Recipes for the pepper sauce and mushroom sauce would also be much appreciated. Thanks and happy cooking!

    • Hi Victor, that’s not realy a recipe, you’ve described exactly what to do! For the pepper sauce, use the same pan you used to fry your steak,, without washing it, fry some onions and black pepper until all the flavour is coming out, then add a teaspoon of flour and enough boiled water to your desired thickness. Hope that helps!

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