Here’s a traditional Taiwanese favourite food – Salty Fish (Mackerel) 自製鹹魚! It’s one of the most simple things to make, as you will find out in the recipe, method and video below. All you need is fish, salt, pepper (optional) and patience (compulsory).

dried salt fish (mackerel)

It seems to be Mackerel season down at the market as these fish are bigger than ever at this time of the year and the price is great too. We bought our lovely example for just 2.50 per Kilo. Why not make the most of this time by making mackerel dishes and salting some – this preserves the fish for use in recipes at a (often much) later date. Salting fish is traditional all around the world and was essential before refrigeration and freezers became widespread appliances – simply for preserving this food from the sea.

Salty Fish (Mackerel) 自製鹹魚 ingredientssalt-fish-ingredients

  • fresh fish, Joanne chose Mackerel
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a drying rack
  • 3 days to air dry

After drying your fish in an area out of direct sunlight and where cool air circulates for three days it should be ready for either storage or a quick fry to be used to flavour a rice porridge, for example. Put the dried pieces you don’t need in freezer bags in the freezer for later. When you want to use some cut it up as shown and lightly fry it through. Then you can enjoy it as a meal accompaniment. It’s very flavoursome so you only need a little per person!

How to make Salty Fish (Mackerel) 自製鹹魚, cooking video

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