You know cooking a main ingredient in salt-n-pepper style is one of the favourite ways to make a dish here in Taiwan Duck’s house. We have previously made salt n pepper pork and salt n pepper squid. However this one is just as good and it is even better if you are vegetarian or have vegetarian friends visiting! Yes, tofu salt n pepper style is so tasty and lively and spicy – your vegetarian friends will love it! Please try it for yourself – whether vegetarian or not.

Salt and pepper tofu - ready to eat!

Salt and pepper tofu – ready to eat!

The ingredients for this dish are;



  • a block of firm tofu
  • salt n pepper powder
  • onion
  • spring onion
  • chilli
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • flour for coating
  • oil for frying

Taiwanese salt and pepper crispy fried Tofu 椒鹽脆豆腐 cooking video

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