In the UK its so easy to get a beautiful piece of salmon, it’s farmed in Scotland so there’s lots around at a pretty good price. My friend Kitty brought around a whole salmon recently and I wondered what to do with it. I like making white fish with crispy soyabean so I thought I would try it with the salmon – guess what? Yes it tasted great, it’s still a good match with this fish. So please try it if you find a nice piece of salmon in your shopping basket!

Salmon with crispy soyabean - ready to eat

Salmon with crispy soyabean – ready to eat

The ingredients 食材 for 4 people;



  • 4 chunks salmon
  • 4 tbsp of crispy soyabean flakes
  • ginger, chili, spring onion, garlic – chopped small
  • 1tsp sugar
  • 1tbsp soy sauce
  • 1tbsp rice wine

Joanne has recorded a Salmon with crispy soyabean 豆酥鮭魚 cooking video so you can see the method, follow and prepare the ingredients and chop everything correctly. Listen carefully to her tips and be careful with the hot pans!

Salmon with crispy soybean 豆酥鮭魚 cooking video

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