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Vote for your favourite 3 Chinese restaurants in Manchester 投票選出您在曼徹斯特最喜歡的中餐館

There are quite a lot of good Chinese restaurants in Manchester, but which are the best? The list below is of the biggest names in Chinatown and other large restaurants like those added on to the Chinese supermarkets Wing Yip and WH Lung. We live between Manchester and Liverpool and usually go to Manchester for the best restaurants mainly because ...

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Driving in the UK 在英國駕駛

在英國駕駛 There are quite a lot of differences between Taiwan’s and the UK’s roads. The most obvious difference is that in the UK people drive on the left of the road. Secondly the are lots of roundabouts in the UK, sometimes with many lanes, often it’s important to get in the correct lane before you enter the roundabout (in American ...

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Welcome to Taiwan dUcK! 歡迎到台灣鴨!

Welcome to Taiwan dUcK! 歡迎到台灣鴨!This web site has been founded to help the Taiwanese community in the UK. It will help anyone find out all the essentials of how to live, eat, shop and meet others here in Great Britain. Taiwan dUcK has four main sections; Advice, Cook, Chat & Shop.   The Advice section will contain frequent articles on ...

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