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A Glorious Summer Fruit and Vegetable Garden, July 2011

Hello everyone, we are really happy with our garden now, it’s been so very productive. We are now on our second set of vegetables, which have provided a good side of vegetables to most meals. Our working garden isn’t so big, it’s just about a quarter of our back garden! The area is probably less than 10 sq m. Also ...

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How to make Crispy Soya Bean Fried Fish 豆酥魚

Yes, we do like to eat Crispy food here at Taiwan Duck!  Also we like fish so this is one of our favourite dishes. In Chinese; Crispy Soy Bean Cod is pronounced “Doe Shu Shay Ooe” 豆酥魚! That is what you would ask for to order this dish in a restaurant. One of the harder to find ingredients might be ...

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How to cook Taiwanese Stir-Fried Vegetables 炒青菜

A good Taiwanese meal is nearly always a made up of several dishes and at least one of them is a plate of stir fried vegetables of some sort. This is a quick video, Joanne stir fried vegetables, fresh from our garden, in about 2 minutes. From garden-to-plate beats from farm-to-plate any day! Use any kind of greens you might ...

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