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How to make Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸

In this recipe we have made a traditional favourite Taiwanese Food – Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸. It’s quite satisfying and fun to make your own sausages and they look great when you’ve finished all the preparation! These Shang Tang 香腸 sausages are air dried and have a rich flavour of pork, garlic and rice wine. The air drying also adds a ...

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Taiwan street food: Taiwanese oyster omelette 蚵仔煎

People seem to like Taiwanese Street Food a lot, street food is a big part of Taiwanese culture. This is one of the most famous street foods – Taiwanese oyster omelette 蚵仔煎. If you like oysters or seafood, this is a great choice for you, if you like omelettes too then you’ve hit the jackpot! This omelette isn’t exactly the ...

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How to make Bacon & Egg Fried Rice 培根蛋炒飯

A quick tasty favourite Taiwanese food, and Chinese too, Bacon & Egg Fried Rice 培根蛋炒飯 is prepared by Joanne in this cooking video. This is quite a light fried rice with only a small amount of oil used. The bacon and spring onions with the egg and rice flavours make this a real quick treat. Also we like to serve ...

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