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How to make Salty Eggs 淹鹹蛋

salty egg

This is a favourite accompaniment to several foods in Taiwan and China. However people usually use salted duck eggs. Here Joanne uses chicken eggs as we won chickens and have lots of eggs for “free”!!! Joanne likes to eat a small amount of this 淹鹹蛋 Salty Egg with rice porridge or also to mix with some kinds of vegetables like ...

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Taiwanese beef stew, traditional style 紅燒牛肉,台灣口味

Taiwanese beef stew, traditional style 紅燒牛肉,台灣口味 is a popular “Taiwanese Street Food”. Most often it is served with thick noodles. Often people also enjoy it with a bowl of rice on the side. Take your pick! Both ways are equally delicious, you could even have boiled potatoes with it too, like people in the west have their beef stew. We ...

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Hot Toffee Sweet Potato 拔絲地瓜 – Taiwanese dessert

Here is a nice sweet/dessert that is very popular in Taiwan. Sometimes you will receive this for free at the end of a meal if you are lucky and in the right restaurant. We have called it “Hot Toffee Sweet Potato” in English or 拔絲地瓜 in Chinese- Taiwanese dessert. If you like the idea of hot sweet potato in a ...

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Stir fried bamboo shoots with sliced pork 竹筍炒肉絲

Bamboo in Taiwan is very good quality and a popular ingredient. I recently returned from Taiwan and brought back some ‘Tang Shun’ bamboo which has been boiled and saved in the fridge. When I went back to Taiwan everyone made lots of bamboo dishes for me with this kind of bamboo – they know it’s my favourite! Stir fried bamboo ...

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