Its easy to know exactly what this dish is, just from its name! Joanne has recently made Taiwanese shang tang (meat sausages) and rice sausages. Today she combined these in a popular Taiwanese Street Food which translates as ‘Meat sausage inside a rice sausage’! 大腸包小腸This is a great snack, replacing a bread bun for a ‘rice bun’ in a kind of ‘Taiwanese Hotdog’. Younger people seem to enjoy this food a lot and you can make it more healthy with a good selection of greens on the side.


For authentic Taiwanese taste don’t forget the garnishes, such as sour greens, which make a big difference in the overall flavour.

Meat sausage inside a rice sausage! 大腸包小腸 ingredientsingredients

  • Rice Sausage (video link: )
  • Taiwanese Sausage (video link: )
  • sour greens, stir fried with leek
  • sliced cucumber
  • sliced garlic
  • sweet chilli sauce

How to make Meat sausage inside a rice sausage! 大腸包小腸, cooking video

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