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Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce 梅汁雞柳

This Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce 梅汁雞柳 is a dinner and lunch favourite in Taiwan. I think it is the meal that Sweet and Sour Chicken SHOULD be! If the extremes of sourness and sweetness of that dish turn you off this more subtle, yet distinctive meal might be perfect for a new taste sensation for your palette. Please try it – you can even easily make your own sour plum sauce if you have these fruit trees in your garden!

Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce

Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce

The ingredients for this dish are;



  • 2 chicken breasts, sliced and marinated
  • some chopped bell peppers
  • 1 spring onion
  • half a carrot, sliced
  • Garlic, 2 cloves
  • Some sliced ginger
  • The sauce: Plum sauce – 3tbsp, Soy Sauce – 1tbsp, 1tbsp sugar
  • The chicken coating: Sweet potato flour and corn flour (you can use potato flour and or tapioca flour, depend what you can get)

The method;

  1. Chop up the chicken
  2. Put the chicken in a bowl with a splash of rice wine, one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of soy sauce in the fridge for 30 minutes
  3. Chop the vegetables to your favoured sizes
  4. Put about 1 or 2 cm of oil in the frying pan, get it hot
  5. Coat the chicken pieces in the flour mixture
  6. Fry the chicken until golden brown
  7. Take out and drain the chicken of oil
  8. Re-fry the chicken, when the oil is very hot again
  9. Take out the chicken and pour the oil into a safe place/container
  10. Stir fry all the vegetables you have prepared in this lightly oiled hot pan
  11. Add the chicken back into the pan
  12. Add the plum sauce, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and about 100ml of water mixed with one tablespoon of corn flour for thickening
  13. 1 minute later it’s ready, serve with rice and a garnish of chilli/coriander/basil – whatever you prefer
  14. Or to see how it’s done, watch Joanne’s video below!

Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce cooking video

Stay tuned for more help, advice, cooking and shopping!


  1. Great post! I just added it to my favorites!

  2. No problem, glad you like it. Keep watching for more easy cooking!

  3. I was looking for this kind of the other day. i don’t commonly post in forums but i wanted to say thank you!

  4. I made this last night it was delicious, I highly recommend Chicken in Plum Sauce. I added a few roasted cashews too. Thanks so much for making these recipes and your great videos available to us. Many thanks. Jen

  5. If I may know, what is the brand of that soy sauce ?

  6. Hi,

    Can you please tell me how to make plum sauce? I don’t want to buy it but would like to make it fresh.

  7. Hi,

    I found this recipe for the plum sauce. Do you think it will be appropriate for your recipe? I plan to make the plum sauce and use it for your recipe here.

    • That is probably a little more swet than the sauce I used. You could add less sugar to make it and perhaps more vinegar – orjust go with it and see if you like it! Let me know how it works out? Regards, JJ

  8. Hi Joanne,

    today I made your “Taiwanese fried chicken in plum sauce” for lunch. Very very deliciouse !!!! I made it at my Mom’s place for her and a few other people. She has some friends who many years ago lived in Taipei on business basis and know Taiwanese food – everybody liked it a lot.

    I must admit, I didn’t have the chance yet to make the plum sauce by myself as you have described the way of your sister’s making it in Taiwan, but I will try.
    Instead, I bought plum sauce from the regional Asian supermarket. It is a bit sweet and slightly thick, already. So, if one uses that kind it might be helpful to adjust the other ingredients a bit by maybe adding a splash of fruit vinegar and using a bit more water. But in general, this recipe is very very good – reminded me a bit the sweet and soure chicken on your website, too.

    Thanks so much for sharing and best,

    Steffen (from Germany)

    • That sounds fantastic. I hope you can make your own plum sauce one day.

      • Hi Joanne,

        meanwhile I made your chicken with plum sauce a couple of times. This time I used some plum sauce I made by myself. For it I used ingredients such as red plums (the big round ones with a rather small seed – not the little blue plums!) and some spices that fit Taiwanese cuisine, such as red chili, ginger, garlic, 5-spice-powder, star anis, light soy sauce, Michiu Taiwanese rice wine, honey, brown sugar and a bit Chinese dark vinegar. Using it the way you prepare this meal I thought it works quite well and does not taste too sweet as one could imagine by the named ingredients. We like it a lot at home.

        Other than that, I just figured from your youtube channel that you are leaving your wonderful home to move away to Manchester …. What about your garden with all the vegetables and fruits???!!! Hope you can take it with.

        All the very best for some smooth moving and hope to see you back soon on the internet with more great recipes …. maybe with Taiwanese pumpkin recipes, too,

        Steffen (from Germany)

  9. Excuse me, I’m unable to make the plum sauce myself and was wondering what I could look for to buy. I actually am currently in Taiwan and wasn’t sure if I should be looking for 酸梅湯, 梅汁, or 酸梅醬. Thanks for the video 🙂


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