This is a famous Taiwanese Street Food which roughly translates to ‘savoury steamed rice cakes’ 台灣碗糕. It’s base is made of rice flour and corn flour mixed together which is heated gently until it becomes a paste. This base is layered in a Chinese bowl with a selection of Taiwanese favourites such as minced pork and Chinese mushrooms, and dried onion and dried mooli we have shown you how to make for yourself before! All together it is steamed to set more solidly and the flavours combine with together to make something that tastes a little bit like Robo Gow (turnip cake), but steamed to serve instead of fried.

Steamed Rice Cake ready to eat

Steamed Rice Cake ready to eat!

The ingredients 食材 to make 3 of these cakes is as follows;

Rice cake base:

  • 1 bowl rice flour,
  • 3tsp corn flour,
  • 1 bowl cold water / 1 bowl hot water


  • pork mince (we used chopped bacon today),
  • Chinese mushroom,
  • dried mooli,
  • dried onion,
  • 1tbsp soy sauce, sugar.


  • 2tbsp oyster sauce,
  • 1tbsp of water,
  • 1tsp sesame oil,
  • 1tsp sugar,
  • 1tsp garlic paste
Steamed Rice Cake plated up

Steamed Rice Cake, for one, plated up

As usual Joanne has recorded a cooking video so you can follow the exact method step by step, as she prepares the savoury steamed rice cakes 台灣碗糕 – Taiwan Street Food. It’s only 6 minutes and is well worth a viewing to see how it all comes together. Watch the video to see the method!

Making savoury steamed rice cakes 台灣碗糕 – Taiwan Street Food, cooking video

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