Here is another great Taiwanese street food, popular in many night markets. It’s based upon minced fish and tapioca or sweet potato flour. It’s a yummy different taste which also looks very special on your table. Please try it and share with your friends! The way Joanne makes this is probably with much more fish than the night market versions – so it might be the best tasting fish tempura 夜市甜不辣 you’ve ever had! Please try it, it will impress your friends – especially if they are Taiwanese!

7-11 sell something like this but its in a soup (hot pot) rather than served as a crispy side dish. That way this dish is called ‘o-len’ , or Taiwanese fried fish cakes I made it previously.

Night market fish tempura 夜市甜不辣 ingredientsingredients-fish-tempura

  • 900g skinned fillet fish,
  • 150g tapioca flour,
  • 300ml iced water,
  • 2tbsp sugar,
  • 1tbsp salt,
  • 1tsp white pepper,
  • 1tsp grated ginger,
  • 1tsp fish powder,
  • a splash of rice wine

If you make too much to eat in one go you can freeze the cooled down tempura and re-heat it in hot oil at a later date.

How to make night market fish tempura 夜市甜不辣, cooking video

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