Why buy frozen dumpling pastry when it’s easy and cheap – and better – to make your own? Joanne found this pastry to be very easy to use to make Pork Dumplings (jen jeow – sway jeow), Taiwanese street food 台灣口味豬肉水餃. As it was fresh it was soft and easy to shape and didn’t need any additional application of water to make the seal when you fold the dumpling. Also this combination of bread flour and potato flour gives you the right bite to the pastry – it’s not too soft nor too hard – that’s very important to the perfect dumpling! This is one of Taiwan’s most popular street foods – Chinese and Japanese people also have similar dumplings which this pastry could be used for.

Taiwanese dumplings made with my home made pastry

Taiwanese boiled dumplings made with my home made pastry

To make the pork dumplings once you have your pastry ready please follow my instructions and video – Pork Dumplings, Taiwanese style 如何製作台灣口味豬肉水餃.

The ingredients;ingredients

  • 800g bread flour
  • 200g potato flour/starch (recommended) or tapioca flour or corn flour
  • 500ml water
  • 1tsp salt

You will also need a nice flat surface and lots of extra flour for dusting, a rolling pin and a circular cutter – we just used a 1 pint beer glass to cut our circles – just right!

Joanne has recorded a video showing you how to make this essential dumpling component! Please take a look below, it’s pretty easy.

Dumpling pastry 水餃皮 for Chinese dumplings preparation video

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