Most of our blog posts on Taiwan Duck have been Taiwanese recipes, but sometimes we give out advice about shopping for cooking related products, hard to find ingredients, markets and gardening. Today here is something a bit different. Joanne has just got a new Kenwood Chef mixer and she wants to share her excitement with you! So we made a kind of ‘unboxing video’ that are very popular on YouTube, see below:

Kenwood food mixer unboxing ㄚ禡的新給司~~ video

Above you can see Joanne’s granddaughter Mila looks so tiny next to this big box!

I will let you know we have already tested this new mixer, and a mincer and sausage making attachment and will be making new recipes thanks to its capabilities. We will also be revisiting old recipes where we worked very hard to do things because we didn’t have such a capable machine available!
The first new recipe coming up will be Taiwanese fish cakes. Later you will see some more Taiwanese sausages (shang tangs) made with the new mincer and sausage piping attachment! We can’t wait…

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