We recently moved house to be somewhere sunnier and with less rain and to have a large garden too. We got a place on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border, this is the vegetables and flowers capital of England! The region we are in is actually called “South Holland”. Over the last 2 months we have been busy settling in and now have the garden nearly finished, ready for winter and looking forward, eagerly, to spring coming!

garden, making the vegetable patch

The garden, making the vegetable patch

It’s taken quite a few weeks getting things ready, as well as moving all the house contents we have done a lot with the garden; digging a good sized vegetable patch, planting nearly 40 fruit trees and lots of berry bushes, also we have constructed a greenhouse, greenhouse shelves, chicken coop and fence.


Constructing the greenhouse / polytunnel

Constructing the greenhouse / polytunnel

The greenhouse has been constructed just in time. We really feel the weather is changing now into wintry weather. If there is a wind then it chills your bones! Hopefully the greenhouse will help us grow another crop of vegetables either side of the winter than was previously possible. But even now there are some vegetables growing well outside of the greenhouse like some kinds of spoon vegetable and Swiss chard.

planting some trees and bushes

planting some trees and bushes

We hope we haven’t overdone planting the fruit trees at the front of the house. After a little bit of checking it seems like we have planted over 30 different trees in the front garden! I’ve made a note of them and they are the following; English Walnut, Taiwanese plum, watermelon plum, apricot, cherry stella, apple Spartan, Taiwanese plum, Oullins golden gage plum, conference pear, apricot early moorpark, cherry sunburst, peach peregrine, nectarine lord napier, asian pear kumoi, peach pallas, cherry unknown variety, apricot Chinese, prunus mume ‘omoi-no-mama’ (x3), prunus mume ‘ben chidori’, asian pear shinseiki, cornish pepper tree (x3), strawberry tree(x2), apple gala, Taiwanese honey pear, olive tree, grapes (x2), blueberries, raspberry.

Front garden looking at the house / trees

Front garden looking at the house / trees (there's some behind me too)

Also we put some trees at the back of the house. For reference here is some of the trees we have planted and their names in Chinese;

蘋果樹 apple Spartan, Worcester, gala
白桃 white peach peregrine, pallas, champion
葡萄 black grapes x2
櫻桃 Cherry x3
李子 Plum x4
柿子 Persimmon x2
梨子 (日本梨&西洋梨) Japanese pear, conference pear
梅子 Prunus Mume x4
台灣蜜梨 Taiwan honey pear
枇杷 Loquat
枸杞 Goji Berry x2
楊梅ARBUTUS unedo strawberry tree x3
紅棗 Jujuba
胡椒 (澳洲) Tasmanian Mountain pepper x3
橄欖 olive
藍莓 blueberry x3
紅莓 tayberry
覆盆子 raspberrys
草莓 strawberry (inc. giant)
香椿TOONA sinensis
杏子apricot moorpark
玫瑰桃Lord Napier nectarine
鳳梨芭樂 Pineapple guava
香蕉 banana
香蕉芭樂Chilean guava
紅景天  Crepe myrtle
中國梨子 Kumoi/ Shinseiki
水蜜桃 Peregrine

That’s probably the last garden update this year and hopefully we will have a big update on the garden in spring when eveything comes back to life! Next up in the cooking/recipes/videos will be Salt and Pepper Pork, which was very yummy…