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How to make Tang Yuen soup 鹹湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice

We just enjoyed a great Winter Solstice meal and a great Christmas meal and we are now getting warmed up for the New Year feast! At this time of year Joanne likes to show viewers a traditional Taiwanese Winter Solstice meal indlding the little sticky rice flour dumplinges called ‘Tang Yuen’. Last year she made a sweet with these sticky rice balls in multi-colours. This year she decided to make Tang Yuen soup 鹹湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice festival. Please enjoy this savoury soup and share!


The ingredients;ingredients_DSC_0879

  • Tang Yuen dumplings:
    300g sticky rice flour,
    400g tofu,
    a little water
  • Soup:
    dried shrimp,
    various mushrooms,
    sesame oil

Joanne has recorded a video showing you how to make this Taiwanese Winter Solstice warming favourite. Please follow it and make some for yourself!

How to make Tang Yuen soup 鹹湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice

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  1. Hi Joanne,

    Happy new year to you all !!!… though you will have to wait for the Chinese / Taiwanese new year, still.

    This new soup recipe looks very delicious and since I like all these soups a lot I will try this next weekend, for sure. Reminds me a bit your mien ge-da ugly noodle soup.

    We had quite a Taiwanese Christmas break due to all your recipes: I made the beef noodles (which now appear in your new slide show on the top of your website), the chicken with plum sauce, the aubergine in minced pork, the taiwanese style twice cooked pork AND the and always pumpkin with rice noodles, love it! I have made the latter about six times by now.

    All the best and I’ll let you know how this soup here turned out,

    Steffen (from Germany)

  2. Hi Joanne,

    your tang yuen soup turned out very well, we like its various taste of all the ingredients a lot, especially the variety of mushrooms one can choose (I used enoki, oyster and shitake). The dumpling dough turned out to be so much that we re-heated the soup the next day and made fresh tang yuen from the rest of the dough – very delicious. At the 2nd version I allowed myself to boil the dumplings in water with salt and I think I like it this way, because it also adds some flavour, though, the tofu is still coming through well.

    Thanks so much for sharing and all the best,

    Steffen (from Germany)

  3. Hello again, Joanne,

    sorry – I forgot to ask:

    what exactly is the “winter green” called you used for this recipe ??? Since I didn’t get these light green coloured tender leafs at the China market, I just took the top green from the little baby pak choi I had at home ….


    Steffen (from Germany)

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