We just enjoyed a great Winter Solstice meal and a great Christmas meal and we are now getting warmed up for the New Year feast! At this time of year Joanne likes to show viewers a traditional Taiwanese Winter Solstice meal indlding the little sticky rice flour dumplinges called ‘Tang Yuen’. Last year she made a sweet with these sticky rice balls in multi-colours. This year she decided to make Tang Yuen soup 鹹湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice festival. Please enjoy this savoury soup and share!


The ingredients;ingredients_DSC_0879

  • Tang Yuen dumplings:
    300g sticky rice flour,
    400g tofu,
    a little water
  • Soup:
    dried shrimp,
    various mushrooms,
    sesame oil

Joanne has recorded a video showing you how to make this Taiwanese Winter Solstice warming favourite. Please follow it and make some for yourself!

How to make Tang Yuen soup 鹹湯圓~冬至 for Winter Solstice

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