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How to make Taiwanese Zong Zi for Dragon Boat Festival 粽子

How to make Taiwanese Zong Zi 粽子- bamboo leaves filled with sticky rice, meat and vegetables then steamed/boiled. This is a traditional food especially around 6th June – Dragon Boat Festival. They are also popular at other times, these little green triangles of food are quite filling for their size, so one or two is enough for most people with some other dishes on the side. When it’s cooked, don’t worry, you unwrap the Zong Zi 粽子 and just eat the contents of the folded leaf, not the leaf!

Zong Zi 粽子, after cooking

Zong Zi 粽子, after cooking

The ingredients 食材, to make 40 Zong Zi 粽子;

  • 5 Chinese bowls of uncooked ‘Sticky Rice’
  • 5 bowls of water
  • one Chinese bowl of dried onions
  • one Chinese bowl of dried shrimps
  • one Chinese bowl of dried mushrooms
  • one Chinese bowl of dried octopus
  • one Chinese bowl of beef
  • one Chinese bowl of pork
  • half a bowl of chopped bamboo
  • 80 bamboo leaves
  • 20 grass strings (will be folded in 2 to make 40 strands)
    Zong Zi 粽子, out of the pan

    Zong Zi 粽子, out of the pan

The method 作法;

  1. soak the rice in the water for about half a day
  2. marinate the pork and beef in soy sauce for a couple of hours
  3. soak the mushrooms, octopus and shrimp in water for a couple of hours
  4. fry the ingredients together starting with the uncooked meats, adding everything else part by part except for the dried onions
  5. take about 80% of the food out of the frying pan and set aside
  6. to the remaining 20% add in the wet rice, octopus water, mushroom water and boil it up to get rid of any excess water, add the dried onions last and mix it all together.
  7. fold 2 bamboo leaves into a pouch and add some rice, then some of the meaty ingredients, then level over with more rice
  8. fold the leaf closed and hang it using the grass string. Repeat this 40 times!
  9. add the uncooked Zong Zi top a pan of boiling water (just and so covering them), simmer for about 30 minutes
  10. the Zong Zi are now ready to eat
  11. they can be refrigerated or frozen for warming up later, they are good warmed up in a microwave, no problem!

As usual Joanne has recorded a cooking video so you can follow the exact recipe and method step by step, as she prepares, cooks and presents the Zong Zi 粽子. It might be a good idea to watch her fold the little triangular parcels, then you can see an expert do it!

How to make Zong Zi 粽子 cooking video 烹飪影片

We really hope you enjoy these Zong Zi 粽子. If you make this recipe please let us know how it goes. The next recipe will be a dessert! Join us on Facebook!

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