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How to make Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 醃酸菜

If you like Taiwanese food these Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 淹酸菜 are very important because they are used as an essential accompaniment to many favourite dishes in Taiwan. You will find these sour greens served with Taiwanese beef noodles, gwa bow braised pork “hamburgers”, bien dang, beef and rice and fried pork with rice. The ingredients are incredibly simple but the method is very important!

Sour green vegetables in the jar, fermenting

Sour green vegetables in the jar, fermenting

The ingredients 食材;

  • Jay-tsai = 芥菜
    Jay-tsai, 芥菜

    Jay-tsai, 芥菜

  • Saltwater
  • Salt

The method 作法;

  1. First of all if you have hand picked your vegetables or not they must be washed to give them a little wetness
  2. After washing drain the vegetables of excess water but we still want them – a little – wet
  3. Now in a large mixing bowl turn over the vegetables making sure most leaves get a bit of salt as you sprinkle salt over them
  4. “Massage” the vegetables crushing them together and breaking the fibres and veins
  5. Keep going for 3 or 4 minutes unless you are very weak, if so do it longer!
  6. Let the crushed vegetables relax for an ho and then transfer to a large enough jar or jars
  7. You will have some juice left in the bowl, pour this into the jar(s)
  8. Now you leave this jar with the lid on tightly at room temperature for about 2 or 3 days, after that time test it for sourness, if it’s just right you can refrigerate the jar and use the sour greens over the next year or however long they last!
  9. It’s really good to have some of these Sour Green Vegetables 淹酸菜 in the fridge as a great accompaniment or spice for a Taiwanese meal.

Joanne has recorded a how to make Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 淹酸菜 cooking video so you can see and follow the exact method she uses. We hope you really enjoy this sour pickle with lots of your Taiwan food!

How to make Taiwanese Sour Green Vegetables 淹酸菜 cooking video

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  1. hi teacher, i make tis 1 also, but becoz i am living in dubai n cant get those vege, i used white radish leaves n it was yummy as well. I added some dried red chilies coz i <3 chilies food :). Thanks for the recipes 🙂

    • Thank you for the new information, I might try white radish leaves in mine too becasue there are still some in my garden! My auntie uses pak choi sometimes too, if you can get that, it’s recommended!

  2. thanks, today i bought lots of pak choy n i am gona to try it out :), merry christmas n happy new year :).

  3. Hi, not sure if you still check the comments but I just stumbled onto this site and it is amazing, thank you so much for these recipes, and the videos are very entertaining to watch as well!!

    I have a question about this recipe – if I like my pickled vegetables a little sweet with the sour, should I add sugar into the jar or do I add it after when I am using it?

    Thank you!

  4. How long you can keep it at room temperature until move to refrigerator? It’s been cold here so I don’t think it reaches its soreness yet. Also the water didn’t cover all veggies in the jar. Is that okay?

    • It’s about 3 or 4 days for me to make the greens sour. You are supposed to cover the veggies so perhaps the not covered portion should be thrown out.

    • you must make sure the vegetable is not exposed to air. cover the vegetable with a piece of kitchen plastic so that no air is contact with vegetable.

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