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How to make Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸

In this recipe we have made a traditional favourite Taiwanese Food – Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸. It’s quite satisfying and fun to make your own sausages and they look great when you’ve finished all the preparation! These Shang Tang 香腸 sausages are air dried and have a rich flavour of pork, garlic and rice wine. The air drying also adds a flavour which people like though it was originally simply a method of preservation of meat. In the UK we can find Chinese sausages but no where sells Taiwanese 香腸, so the only option was to make our own! We are not sure if you can buy Taiwanese sausages in the USA or not? Probably somewhere!

Taiwanese shang tangs

Taiwanese shang tangs

The ingredients (for 40 sausages, shang tangs) 食材;

Taiwanese shang tang ingredients

Taiwanese shang tang ingredients

  • 2Kg Pork (we used a shoulder of pork)
  • half a rice bowl of dried garlic
  • third of a bowl of sugar
  • a full rice bowl of soy sauce
  • half a rice bowl of red and half a rice bowl of white rice wine
  • Spices: black pepper, salt, 5 spice, red pepper, + chili powder (if you like hot)
  • also we used half a rice bowl of bread flour to bind the sausage ingredients
  • about 3 metres of sausage skins
  • We bought our 23mm collagen based sausage casings, 2 sticks of about 11 metres each, from Butchers Sundries for £4.50 including delivery. (and new customers can get £1 off the first order!) In the USA you can get sausage casings from Amazon, and probably other places too, but they seem a bit more expensive.

The method 作法;

  1. Prepare the pork, we had to cut the skin from the pork shoulder, we left a thin layer of pork fat because sausages need a bit of fat in them.
  2. The pork should be chopped into a coarse mince approximately 5mm square pieces
  3. Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl
  4. When thoroughly mixed you cover the bowl with a lid or cling film and put it in your fridge overnight to marinade
  5. The next day we have to get the sausage mixture into the casings, about 1m (3ft) at a time, we used a simple funnel , one person held the sausage skin on the funnel and another pushed the filling into the sausage casings with the back of a wooden spoon!
  6. Before filling we tied one end of the casing and put some boiled water in the casing to wash/lubricate it
  7. We made the sausages about as long as your hand is wide and tied them with string between links
  8. Any air bubbles must be removed so when the sausages dry they will not get mouldy, use a pin or a needle to prick any air bubbles in the sausages. All together we got 41 sausages from the 2Kg of pork.
  9. Hang the sausage links in a cool dry airy place (not in sunlight) for about 2 days before you treat them as a normal Taiwanese Shang Tang 香腸!
Taiwanese shang tangs

Taiwanese shang tangs

Joanne has recorded a how to make Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸 cooking video so you can see and follow the timings, chopping sizes, and method step by step, as she prepares this delicious Taiwanese special food. Hope you like it, we did, and we have enough sausages for a few weeks now, totally confident with the quality of the ingredients too!

How to make Taiwanese Sausages, Shang Tang 香腸, cooking video

Stay tuned for more help, advice, cooking and shopping! Next up will be a much requested favourite Taiwanese Street food dish! Please join us on Facebook and you will hear about our new recipes and videos first!


  1. Hello, first of all, thank you for your recipe.
    My name is baohui and I’m Korean.
    I was stay in Taiwan more that 1 year to study Chinese.
    I left Taiwan Long time ago, but I’m still missing Taiwanese food.
    especially Taiwanese street food!!
    thank you so much for the recipe. oneday I’ll try it!

  2. Love this recipe, can you tell me where do you hang your sausage? can I hang them in the fridge for 2 days? Thanks

  3. how come you dont use saltpeter, what do you use instead, is it not dangerous to the pork or is it ok.


  4. Hi…what’s the exact measurement of one bowl? How much exact quantity of the spices. Can you please convert them in spoon and cups? Thanks

  5. Love it. Just one question. The meat is raw, and if we hang them out for 2 days, wouldn’t it get rotten?

    • Hi Wendy, the sausages should be huing outside in a shady and airy place. Keep them out of the sun and rain! Many foods (mostly sausages) are preserved by this method in Europe too. The sausage skin stops any germs getting in while they are in the air. Also the salt, soy sauce and alcohol all preserve meat. It’s traditional.

  6. Looks lovely. What’s the reason to use dried garlic. Would fresh garlic work? Pressed with a garlic press. I have marinated the meat, following your instruction except using fresh garlic. Also, it’s quite cold this week, do you think I still can hang the sausages outside? ( 2-3 C possibly with rain ) I do have a place in the garden can keep things dry from rain. Please advice.

    • Hi, You shouldn’t use fresh garlic, we used dried or powder to avoid mould. Now that you’ve made them, just try and dry them as best you can in an air circulating area, not anywhere that may have damp air. I hope your sausages do dry OK, keep them in a freezer after your drying period and use them from there as and when you want them. Good luck!

  7. Thank you for your reply. It’s very cold today and snowing a bit where I am. I have made about 3lbs of the sausage today, it smelled so good 🙂 I cooked 1 sausage before hanging out (could’t wait ). It bursted but tasted so delicious. Is it normal fresh sausage burst because it’s too moist? Or maybe the heat was too high… I will keep on experimenting.

  8. Hello,請問red pepper是花椒嗎?我們這裡的老外說的Szechuan(四川)Pepper?
    bread flour是一般麵粉嗎?低、中or高筋?

    • 是的,red pepper是花椒!加一點會讓香腸吃起來更香就像介於台灣香腸和臘腸之間~~我說的是香味!
      bread flour 就是一般麵粉,在這個食材中可用任合麵粉 🙂
      謝謝你們的支持!!請加入我的臉書若有新食譜出來會分享,還有,現在是栽種你自己有機蔬菜的時間了ㄛ!! Joanne

  9. Joanne,感謝你的回覆!

    • 不是曬香腸,是風乾ㄛ!在英國冬天是看不到太陽的 🙁 希望你那這個冬季會比這好!我們今年的冬天真~~~~~的好長!不過現在已在好纂轉中~興奮!!夏一道菜是焗烤高末菜,希望你會喜歡!!

  10. 了解~
    我告訴他就直接吃啊,有些人配蒜頭,也可以切片炒飯等,然後我想起了”大腸包小腸”跟他介紹是台灣的Hot Dog,google了照片給他看,照片看起來太誘人好吃了~連他看到照片都一付感到驚為天人的樣子,我看他如此感興趣決定這幾天也要在網路上找個糯米腸的做法來大腸包小腸!

  11. Are you afraid birds will try to eat them outside? I love watching your videos! I never knew there was a difference in Chinese sausage and Taiwanese sausage. I hope to try this recipe one day =)!

  12. Hi, I love Taiwan sausage. I am from Singapore but living in Tasmania Australia. I would like to try your recipe. Winter is coming and I think I would be a good time to hang outside, may I know what temperature should it be? As for the ingredients, the soya sauce is light or dark soya sauce? And the red pepper, not sure if they have it at the supermarket, can I don’t use that or replace with something else if I can’t find it? Can I use plain flour instead of bread flour? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi Patricia, These are air dried and not sun dried, so a cloudy breezy day is best, not any hotter than 18 degrees C. The soy sauce is normal one, not light or dark. Try most big supermarkets for red pepper or peppercorns to grind yourslef. Plain flour is OK, it’s just to stick the sausage ingredients together. Good luck and let us know how it goes! JJ

  13. Why does your assistant give a good look when you said “sausage machine”.
    Kindly tell him to buy you a sausage machine. Anyway, you did a good job. It would be better if the measurement is standard. It’s to approximate (1/2, 1/3 etc rice bowl). Thanks. I miss Kaohsiung already.

    Elmer(Chicago, Illinois)

  14. Hi , if you dont use saltpeter( potassium nitrate ) how long sausage stay over ? If possible can I hang it in sunny day for longer use ? thanks for your post

    • Hi Hien, these sausages are air dried, not sun dried. We don’t don’t use any chemical, this is traditional. When they are ready just freeze some – then you can keep some batches for a long time, others you can east soon. Definately no sun drying using my recipe, just lots of air circulation, dry, cloudy sky or indoors is fine.

  15. What’s red pepper in Chinese please and also where to find the dried garlic or actually u make yourself…Thanks!

  16. What are exact amount of spices used in the
    Sausage recipe ? Tbs, tsp? Trying to make this

  17. hi there, once you’ve made them,do you use them ingredient in meals or just have them as sides or snacks?

  18. thanks for the recipe. i really like Taiwan Sausage…:)

  19. Hi Joanne, I want to make the typical chinese sausages that we buy from the store that we use it to cook noodles or fried rice or just steam them on our rice. What kind of casing and size should I use.

    I like spicy food and I will definitely try to make these sausages from your recipe and will let you know my outcome. Thanks Joaane.

    • Hi Magdalene – it depends where you live and what sausage casings you can get. I got mine from in the UK I think there’a a link above in the story. Measure your favourite sausage thickness and look for that – like 22mm or 25mm or even thicker,as you prefer. Yes, please send me some pictures when you cook them – you can share them on the Taiwan Duck Facebook page!

  20. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for the detail video and sharing this great recipe. I will try it soon.

  21. Btw im a fan of your food,.. when i visited taichung i have tried these, but the one i have eaten one wrapped with the glutinous rice sausage. can you please help me to make the sausage and veggies that make that Rice Bun Taiwanese sausage. i so miss it i also like that you have made TEA EGG those are good…

  22. Hellow.. what is my substitute fo
    The casing ? Thank u

    • Hi, I think you should search online if you can’t find the sausage casings locally. They are really important for making these sausages. If you know a butcher you should alternatively be able to get pigs intestines?

  23. Hi, Joanne.
    I’m from indonesia, just now I bought the casing (pork intestines) but dried one, should I wash it with warm water before the filling? Coz afraid it is dirty since I bought it at traditional market.
    I really like this taiwan sausage, I called it En Chiang..
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the recipe

  24. hi its been 2nd day i dry my sausage, weather is good no sun, and the natural casing start growing white mouldy, but i think the meat is ok … no bad smell coming from it … so do u think my sausage is still ok to progress?

    • yes, keep on going unteil they are properly dried. When air drying period is over wipe the sausaged down with kitchen tissues to remove mould. After that you can use them, or freeze the sausages for later. Good luck!

    • yes, keep on going until they are properly dried. When air drying period is over wipe the sausaged down with kitchen tissues to remove mould. After that you can use them, or freeze the sausages for later. Good luck!

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