Here is another classic Taiwanese street food – often referred to as the Taiwanese Hamburger 台灣刈包. The burger portion is a slice of pork, traditionally a bun shaped slice of belly pork with the skin left on but you can use other cuts of pork too – just cut the slice about 1cm thick and support its shape by skewing it with cocktail sticks.


Today Joanne also made the burger bun for you – from flour, water, milk, yeast, sugar. This is a steamed bread bun – made similarly to mantou but with a fold for the burger contents. Another important traditional ingredient to 台灣刈包 gua bao is the spicy sour green vegetables and some ground peanuts with a touch of sugar powder. All in all this is a delicious and unique street food – please try it!

The ingredients;ingredients

  • Burger:
    500g pork – sliced as shown
    star aniseed
    black & white pepper
    spring onion
    soy sauce
    rice wine.
  • Garnish:
    sour greens
    chilli, ginger
    ground peanut powder
  • Dough:
    3 bowls of plain flour, 1 bowl of self raising flour
    1 bowl of milk
    1 bowl of warm water
    2tsp sugar, 2tsp yeast

Joanne has recorded a video showing you how to make this Taiwanese Street Food classic, including the bread. Please follow it and make some for yourself!

Making Taiwanese Hamburger 台灣刈包 gwa bow, gua-bao

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