If you are looking for a bit of spice in your main meal this crispy delicious pork should make you happy. It’s easy to make this as hot as you like, just add more pepper to make it more hot and spicy. Also you add fried chillis near the end of the preparation, these can vary in heat and amount according to taste. Taiwanese salt & pepper pork 香酥椒鹽肉條 should be served with rice and vegetables or you can just use a smaller amount to serve on it’s own as a meaty and spicy starter.

Delicious and hot salt & pepper pork

Deliciously hot; salt & pepper pork

The ingredients 食材 are as follows;

  • 500g pork
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 spring onions
  • a red chilli
  • half a green pepper
  • 2tbsp flour and 3 tbsp rice flour
  • white & black pepper to taste
  • salt to taste
  • soy sauce
  • a Chinese bowl of basil leaves

The method 作法;

  1. slice the pork into small slices like your little finger size

    Enjoying the Taiwanese salt and pepper pork

    Enjoying the Taiwanese salt and pepper pork

  2. put the pork in a mixing bowl and spoon over it half of the beaten eggs
  3. add a bit of pepper, salt and soy sauce
  4. now mix that all together thoroughly
  5. put this sticky pork mixture into the flour, press the flour into the meat as you are mixing with your hands
  6. heat the oil to about 170C
  7. put the pork pieces in and don’t stir it straight away let the coating harden onto the pork, you don’t want to break it all off by stirring too early
  8. when golden brown take out the pork
  9. re-heat the oil to very hot and re-introduce the pork to the oil
  10. the oil clears in a couple of minutes now take the pork out and drain it of oil
  11. fry the basil leaves (very hot oil again is best)
  12. now dry fry the rest of the spices/ingredients (garlic, spring onion, green pepper, chili)
  13. keep stirring it so it doesn’t burn, fry them until they aren’t wet anymore but are crispy
  14. now into the pan add the pork and basil from before to mix the whole lot together, add some more salt and a liberal sprinkling of black pepper
  15. serve with rice and vegetables, you have a traditional Taiwanese main meal 香酥椒鹽肉條.

As usual Joanne has recorded a cooking video so you can follow the exact method step by step, as she prepares the Taiwanese crispy salt and pepper pork 香酥椒鹽肉條. It’s good to watch the timings of adding the ingredients and you can see how the ingredients are chopped into correct sizes, and lots of other things, remember a picture says a thousand words and a video is 1000s of pictures.

Taiwanese crispy salt and pepper pork 香酥椒鹽肉條 cooking video

Stay tuned for more help, advice, cooking and shopping! Next up we will be talking about the vegetable and plants market auctions in Spalding.