This is a favourite accompaniment to several foods in Taiwan and China. However people usually use salted duck eggs. Here Joanne uses chicken eggs as we won chickens and have lots of eggs for “free”!!! Joanne likes to eat a small amount of this 淹鹹蛋 Salty Egg with rice porridge or also to mix with some kinds of vegetables like bitter cucumber or asparagus. Here she shows how to prepare and cook 淹鹹蛋 Salty Egg so you can make your own and not buy them from a Chinese supermarket for £$£s!

Salty eggs, ready to eat!

Salty eggs, ready to eat!

The ingredients 食材 and method 作法, are as follows;

  • fill a sealable jar with uncooked eggs
  • our jar was 1.3 litres
  • this sized jar required 250g of salt to be added
  • use hot water to dissolve the salt in a pan and let it cool so it’s room temperature
  • pour the salty water into the jar until it cover the eggs
  • cover and seal the jar without breaking the eggs
  • about 3 weeks later you can test and egg by taking one out and boiling it and using it like you would a salty-egg you have bought in the Chinese supermarket
  • if it’s just right for you  then take them all out and boil them all in water for about 12 minutes
  • keep the eggs in the fridge and use as and when you need them
  • these salty chicken eggs are easily as nice as many salty duck eggs
  • JJ likes salty egg with asparagus, bitter cucumber (bitter melon), rice porridge or steamed fish

As usual Joanne has recorded a cooking video so you can follow the exact method step by step, as she prepares the Salty Eggs 淹鹹蛋 . It’s only 4 minutes and is well worth a viewing to see how it all comes together.

How to make Salty Eggs 淹鹹蛋 , cooking video

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