Here’s a great side or starter which is vegetarian friendly. If you like tempura vegetables you will definitely like this as it is pretty much that – except these Kakiage 日式炸物 are made from not just one kind of veg but a mix of various favourite veg together in a patty.


As you can see when cooked they make an interesting textured crispy food which is a great accompaniment or starter with a dip. Joanne has been known to serve them both as a starter and once we had them with curry – like an Indian ‘baji’ but more crispy.

Kakiage 日式炸物 ingredientskakiage-ingredients

  • flour, water, salt, pepper
  • plus your choice of veg
  • e.g. carrot, pumpkin, taro,
    bean sprouts, mushrooms,
    spring onion, mooli.

Its a very flexible dish – and its taste cab depend what you have in the cupboard or fridge when you start cooking! Please try it you’ll like it!

How to make Kakiage 日式炸物, cooking video

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