Here’s more Taiwanese street food for you all today. Do you love Taiwanese meatballs but can’t make them bouncy at home? These can be made with pork or beef mince but we have chosen to make pork ones in this recipe as they are the most popular. Please try Joanne’s recipe, and method in the video embedded below, to make the tastiest, bounciest Taiwanese Gong Wan 自製貢丸 – with all natural ingredients!


Bouncy Meatballs 自製貢丸 (Taiwan Gong Wan) ingredientsgong-wan-ingredients-DSC_2259

  • 750g pork mince, frozen
  • half tbsp salt
  • 1 egg white
  • 1tbsp corn flour
  • grated ginger
  • 4x Chinese mushroom
  • Chinese celery
  • 1.5 tbsp sugar
  • spring onion
  • half tsp white pepper
  • half tsp fish powder
  • a splash of rice wine
  • 3 quarter tsp baking powder

Please get your pork mince ready with the following method: put the mince in a plastic bag and flatten it to about 1cm thick. You can see ours in the ingredients picture above with the egg on top of it. Then you break it up into small pieces before putting it in your chopper or blender. We had to chop/blend a third at a time as the machine isn’t so powerful. Do that until the mince meat changes from pink to light pink/white. This is very important to make your meatballs bouncy.

The above ingredients make quite a lot of Gong Wan, we had to cook them in to batches. When you’ve finished you can use them for the wonderful Gong Wan soup, like Joanne does at the end of the video. Please watch the video and see how bouncy these meatballs are!

How to make Bouncy Meatballs 自製貢丸 (Taiwan Gong Wan), cooking video

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