As you will know, we recently went back to Taiwan. Therefore many of our newer videos are of our experiences of Taiwan and its restaurants, street foods and markets. Here is a video showing one of Mark’s favourite street foods in Taiwan!


We found this sweet potato stall in the street just around the corner from where we stayed in Taichung, just off Gong-Yi Road. The vendor is a most pleasant fellow, always smiling and conscientious in his sweet potato preparation.


In the video below you will see Joanne talk to the Sweet Potato stall owner. You will see the special clay oven, how the sweet potatoes are prepared and cooked and than we get to taste one of them. They are both delicious and nutritious! If you read around you will find that the Sweet Potato is a very healthy vegetable to eat as part of your diet.

Hot Sweet Potato stall 台灣烤地瓜 street food in Taiwan

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