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Grow your own Taiwanese vegetables in a month! 一個月內自己栽種台灣蔬菜

Wow, it’s just three weeks ago that we last showed you our seedlings coming up in the garden and today we are on our second variety ‘harvest’. Yesterday we had some yo-tsai (油菜) from the garden and today we are going to use some a-tsai (A-菜) in the evening meal.

Here is some before and after pictures since exactly 3 weeks ago;

What a difference 3 weeks makes - "A vegetable"

What a difference 3 weeks makes - "A vegetable"

In the above picture you can see the Pan handle, which we use in the garden for this and that! It hasn’t been moved since we planted those seeds about a month ago, as you can see!

Lots of Taiwanese vegetables growing

Lots of Taiwanese vegetables growing, the piece of wood shown for reference

So it’s been a great April for growing these Taiwanese vegetables, lots of sun and enough rain too. Of course lots of English and Chinese vegetables would have grown well this month too. Today I have been busy making another wooden box for growing yet more vegetables! I used old decking boards to make the box.

Below are the vegetables we are growing right now;

Jo-Chai, Jay-lan, Hong Chong, Jay-Chai

1. Jo-Tsai 韭菜, 2. Jay-lan 芥蘭菜, 3. Hong Chong 紅蔥, 4. Jay-Tsai 芥菜

  1. This Jo-Tsai 韭菜 has been in my garden for 4 years! They will grow every year, we don’t need to plant seeds for it any more. If you just like to eat the leaf, you cut the leaf and it will grow back again and again throughout the year. In one year you can harvest the leaves many times. If you want to eat the flowers (韭菜花) you will have to wait for longer.
  2. On the left of picture part 2 you can see Jay-lan 芥蘭菜. It grows very quickly and easily in the UK climate. It can even keep growing in the winter months. We have eaten some of this years crop already.
  3. We planted this Hong Chong 紅蔥 from bulbs. You can use them where you might use Spring Onion, when you cut them they just grow back again, this can save a lot of money.
  4. Jay-Tsai 芥菜 needs lots of room, so spread them out once they have become shoots. This is one of Taiwan’s favourite vegetables – to make a sour pickle – Schwan-Tsai (酸菜).

Once that one crop of vegetables is picked, we move new/baby vegetables into their area, for about 8 months of the year you can have a great selection of organic healthy fresh vegetables in your garden!


You might want to know where we get all the seeds for these hard-to-find vegetables? Well, they are from a place in the UK called Nicky’s Seeds or Nickys Nursery. We are very happy to find this company for as well as finding all sorts of unusual asian vegetables and many varieties of them, this shop also has GREAT prices. Some of the packs contained as many as 500 seeds and the average price of the packs we bought was only 1 UK pound. Go straight to the Asian/Chinese seeds at this link. Oh, the postage cost is quite low too! We got 9 packs of seeds and the post only cost 1.10…

If you have any vegetable growing tips or questions you can ask Joanne in English or Chinese/Mandarin in comments below, or go to the Chat page!


  1. Your site Looks great , I used to live in Taiwan , now I am back in my country and I have been thinking to develop some green business here and I think to grow vegetables at home its going to be huge in the next couple years ….I am looking for more advice and help…
    Frankie from Panama

  2. wow , this looks so darn good for me :))) thanks giving dinner is going to be great now that i know how to grow these 😉 <3 thanks for the help – farmer sam

  3. Hi Joanne,
    I was wondering what you use as a base to grow your vegetables? Do you use just a standard potting mix?

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