So you prepared and cooked a whole goose, like Joanne did in the previous recipe. That means you’ve got about a half litre / pint of goose fat left over! What can you do with it all? Well you can use it in roasting and cooking – and you can try using it the Taiwanese way and make Golden Goose Oil with Crispy Onions 黃金鵝油蔥蘇.


This is a simple thing to make, once you have the goose fat from your bird. As you can see in the video below, you just have to melt the fat into oil then add in the crispy onions and a little salt. Later you put it all into a jar to be used in delicious stir fry recipes. If you look at the end of the video you will see Joanne stir fries some noodles and vegetables with her golden goose oil (see picture above).


Golden Goose Oil with Crispy Onions 黃金鵝油蔥蘇 cooking ingredients

  • Goose fat
  • Crispy onions
  • Salt

Making Golden Goose Oil with Crispy Onions 黃金鵝油蔥蘇, 水煮鵝,黑白切, video

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