This is one of the favourite starter dishes at the Taiwan Duck house. In Taiwan this Full Moon Crispy Prawn Pancake 月亮蝦餅 is sold at many a Thai restaurant – however here in the UK it doesn’t seem to be available at any Thai restaurant we have been at. Does this mean its not Thai? Does it matter – it’s delicious!


This isn’t a complicated dish most of the work is in preparing the raw prawns, then you make a paste and sandwich it between two spring roll wrap sheets – or you can even use those pancakes that go with crispy duck. Please try it – if you like prawns I am sure you will like it.

Full Moon Crispy Prawn Pancake 月亮蝦餅 ingredientsingredients-prawn-pancake

  • 800g king prawns,
  • 20 sheets of spring roll pastry,
  • spring onion,
  • coriander,
  • salt,
  • grated ginger,
  • white pepper,
  • fish powder,
  • sugar,
  • rice wine,
  • egg white,
  • tapioca flour,
  • sweet chilli sauce.

How to make Full Moon Crispy Prawn Pancake 月亮蝦餅, cooking video

This is the first video with my daughter Kylie doing the preparation and cooking. I hope you like her, I thought she was very professional!

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