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Duck with glass noodles 鴨肉冬粉 soup

Perhaps there should be more duck dishes on Taiwan Duck? Well here is a very good Taiwanese Street Food favourite for you – Duck with glass noodles 鴨肉冬粉 soup! The ‘glass’ noodles are green bean noodles which are clear, colourless and transparent – that’s what they get the name ‘glass noodles’. After you’ve eaten the delicious duck legs the soup you have left over is a very hearty and tasty one.

Duck with glass noodles soup

Duck with glass noodles soup



The ingredients 食材 for 2 people;

  • two duck legs
  • two bunches of green bean noodles
  • chopped ginger, spring onion & carrot
  • some greens, preserved cabbage
  • rice wine

Joanne has recorded a Duck with glass noodles 鴨肉冬粉 soup video so you can see and follow how to wash and prepare the duck legs, chopping sizes for the spices and vegetables, cooking timings and method step-by-step. She talks you through the ingredients and cooking methods in the video – please watch it below!

How to make Duck with glass noodles 鴨肉冬粉 soup video

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  1. This was delicious! Very similar to what I have eaten in Taiwan, thanks alot 🙂

    The only thing I wonder is how you managed to cut the duck up so nicely, mine looked like a complete mess in comparison.

  2. Hi Joanne,

    even though, this recipe of yours is sitting on your website for quite a while, it took me until today to finally make it. I could not get the preserved cabbage, so I took some of my own pickled green that I always keep in a big jar in my refrigerator. It is a great idea / method to just overboil the glass noodles with boiled water and then shift them over into ice water before serving them in the soup bowl. They stay much more crunchy that way – fantastic. And as mentioned above: I tried to wheeling a big heavy cleaver as recommended by your husband to cut the duck into nice even slices …. it works !! Thanks so much, it tastes very delicious and will rank among my favourite soups.

    Thanks a lot and keep sharing your recipes!


    Steffen (from Germany)

  3. Hello again,

    I forgot to mention: I added some brown beech mushrooms into the soup as I had some left over. And I think they match quite well. Have you tried those in such a soup ??


    Steffen (from Germany)

    • I am not sure what Brown beech mushrooms are, but it sounds good. Any fresh vegetables are great with this soup I think. Thank you for sharing your ideas with me and other readers!

      • Hi Joanne,

        the brown beech mushrooms are just the darker (brown) ones in comparison to the white ones which you used i.e. in your Tang Yuen Soup (Winter Solstice soup) where you called them “your little friends”. I do understand that a lot of Asians like these particular mushrooms in soups quite often. The brown ones just have a little bit more flavour than the white ones, but I also like both in soups (and sometimes elsewhere). It says “beech mushrooms” on the package when I buy them. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known how to call them 🙂

        Best of greetings,

        Steffen (from Germany)

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